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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Where Is Devon Marshall...? Scribbles Update!

 Some while ago, after a long,  long time of being unable to write anything at all, I was graced with the return of The Muse - once more I could write, hurrah! My delight was premature, however. I soon realized that The Muse’s sticking around was to be conditional upon exactly what I wrote.
  Long story short, my inability to write turned out to be based in an ennui with the specific genre in which I was writing. As soon as I tried to restart work on either The Vampires of Hollywood or The New Orleans Mysteries series, my irritation with this genre and subsequently these works increased tenfold, and The Muse deserted me once more.
  I wish I could bring better news to the readers of these series who have been so enjoying them as they progress, but the only solution for me has been to just walk away. To simply put the work aside and not waste my time and energy, not to mention destroy what precious good mental health I possess day-to-day, worrying about something largely beyond my control. I can say that both of these series will continue…I simply cannot say when this will happen. As Jay Hartman at Untreed Reads, says: “There is nothing worse you could do as a writer than try to write something you just aren’t feeling.”
 I could not have put it better myself. Neither is forcing myself to write an option: sitting down to churn out X-amount of words per day only to return and slash it all away next day serves only to increase my irritation, and my desire to ( figuratively speaking ) rip it all up and throw the pieces on the fire. What works for one writer, may not work for another. Different folks, different strokes. And all that.
 All has not been lost, however. In the meantime, I have rediscovered my love of writing short stories. I have spent some time lately revisiting short stories which I had published in my very early days, mostly in magazines and by small presses now ( sadly ) defunct or out of print. I have reworked these stories, had them re-edited, and now they will appear in two collections. The first of these collections, a quartet of spooky/horror stories titled A Night At Castle Kozlak and Other Stories, is available on Kindle here in the UK and here in the US. A second collection titled The Beast of Ben Arden and Other Stories is at present in the second writing stage and shall hopefully be available around Christmas 2015 ( depending on the business of editors and formatters ). These are also spooky/horror stories, all of them based in and around the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Furthermore, I have reworked a novella, Down At Pomba Gira’s, and this I hope to have available by early 2016. These stories are general fiction, NOT specifically lesbian or even LGBT fiction, but if you are craving a wee dose of my scribbles, well, it’s better than nothing, isn’t it?
 At present I am working on a general fiction novel and in between this I continue to pen bits and pieces of The Vampires of Hollywood series ( Book 3 ), doing so when and if I feel I can without danger of ripping up and setting fire to things.
 I do offer my apologies to my readers who have had a long wait to see what happens next to Dante, Ellis et al. All I can say to you is this: I would prefer to give you something with which I am happy rather than something with which I am dreadfully unhappy, even if that takes as much time as it is going to take to achieve.
 I thank you all for your patience and understanding. I remain hopeful that by giving myself this complete break from the genre I will be able to return to it, minus the ennui.

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