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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Normal Services Shall Be Resumed...umm, in a while?

Been a little on the poorly side lately and not around much. After the disaster with the 'Vampires of Hollywood #2' manuscript which has necessitated a lengthy and stressful rewrite, things began to take a bit of a physical toll on my health. I've had to step out of the cockpit and let that plane fly itself for a wee while. I'm not sure when those normal services will be resumed ( nor indeed how normal they will be, or ever have been ), so please just have patience and bear with me!

Meantime, enjoy the above pic. It's about as close to freakin' summer as the UK is likely to get at the moment!


  1. Well I am to hooked to your story I feel sorry about what happened but first of all is your health so take your time, if I may make a recommendation dropbox is a good way to make backups you create your account and install it in your computer you only need to run the program (with internet access) and put your backups in dropbox file and is all you can have access to the file where ever you access to your dropbox account. Have a nice summer also I want to congratulate you for your awesome novel Dante’s awakening I read it in only one day I just couldn’t stop to red you were so evil with the end you left me with a lot of questions.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes, Dizo. Things are getting back on track now and hopefully some of your questions will be answered in Book 2...!