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Saturday, 2 June 2012

The End of The Era of Emily

So the Era of Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds has come to and end with something of a disappointing whimper - but at least it wasn’t with the bang of a coffin lid this time! The double episode rounding out the Era of Emily was unspectacular. Not even the addition of Tricia Helfer as an eye-rollingly crazy UNSUB could drag it all the way out of the mire of mediocrity has plagued the show’s last two seasons.

The fiery did-anyone-die-or-didn’t-they? explosion closing out Part 1 of the finale was annoyingly reminiscent of the Whose SUV Exploded? cliffhanger of Lo-Fi. And although it’s always nice to see JJ kick some ass, the resulting fisticuffs after Izzy the UNSUB took Henry hostage were too reminiscent of Hotch’s battle with The Reaper in 100 ( miraculously, JJ managed to appear at her wedding next day without a single cut or bruise, yet I’m pretty certain I saw Izzy ram an elbow into her face at least once? ). Was this all just Erica Messer’s little homage to Hotch’s Greatest Hits? We all know she wuvs him best anyway. And what was all Erica's bullshit about " Emily might be leaving the BAU but she’s still going to be seeing the team, having brunch with them etc" - that’d be a clever feat if she’s running an Interpol office in fucking London, wouldn’t it? At least Emily did get to be a little bit awesome by defusing the bomb wired up to Mumbles The Clown Will - notwithstanding the ungenerous part of me that was thinking, “ Oh hell, Emily, just do what he's telling you and leave him there to go boom!” But that wouldn’t be Emily’s way. Sadly for me and fortunately for Will. And did JJ even thank her for risking herself to save the life of the emotionally-blackmailing, passive-aggressive, mumbling father of her child? Did she hell.

As a related aside, I find it interesting that for five seasons under Ed Bernero’s guidance, JJ and Emily were written as close enough to spawn an entire online femslash industry around them, and JJ never married Captain Mumbles, yet in just one season with Erica Messer at the helm there has been a distinct cooling-off between the two ladies. After the first half dozen episodes, they barely had a meaningful scene together. And JJ finally marries Captain Mumbles. I’m just saying, I find it an odd coincidence of timing.

We won't be seeing any more of this...

...or this.
I’ve always wondered if there were more to the Season 6 hiring-firing-and-rehiring saga surrounded AJ Cook and Paget Brewster than has ever been said, and I can’t say that the latter’s decision to leave now - despite Erica Messer’s apparently begging her to re-sign her contract - has made me wonder any less about what might have been left unsaid. But it is Paget Brewster’s decision this time and we fans, bereft as we may feel, must respect that and suck up our loss. We can also keep a tiny candle of hope burning that she might yet change her mind and return…For sure, the BAU won’t be the same place without SSA Emily Prentiss. JJ is a good character but she just isn’t strong enough to balance the weight of three alpha males and genius-boy all by herself. There are mutterings about replacing Emily but given the Ashley Seaver fiasco, any replacement would need to be handled very wisely indeed, and I have little trust left in Erica Messer to do this successfully.

For now, Emily's colleague and friend Derek Morgan summed it up best:  " I think I miss you already."
Emily Prentiss. A little bit fucking awesome.

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