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Friday, 11 May 2012

Some Vampires Are Sparkly...Get Over It.

Personally, I don’t care for the ‘Twilight’ series, neither the books nor the movies, but that doesn’t mean I think books and movies alike should be thrown on a bonfire and Stephenie Meyers run out of town. Certainly not. Lots of folks love Edward and Bella and that other bloke, whatsisface, the moody werewolf guy... And why should they not be allowed to love these characters?

What is the big crime in introducing ( pardon the pun ) new blood into the vampire genre? Whether it be blonde Viking vampires who fall in love with half-faery waitresses or teenage vampires who sparkle in sunlight, don’t tell me that there isn’t room in the market for these vampires alongside the coffin-dwelling cape-wearing counts and the grotesques who haunt a cut-off Alaskan town during the yearly 30 days of night. It’s a vast market and there most assuredly is room for everyone. I suspect that the biggest scoffers at Ms Meyers et al are those who cling desperately to what they view as ‘sacred tradition’ in which everyone should adore Tolkien and abhor Evanovich, whilst worshipping at the bloodstained altars of grindhouse and pulp fiction. The idea that tradition might be opened up to include new tenets sends them into a tailspin.

I’ll be the first to defend anyone’s right to an opinion, whether it’s popular opinion or one that chafes right against the grain. But when opinion starts to veer into self-righteous refusal to recognize anyone else’s right to hold a differing opinion, well, then I begin to chafe. If everyone’s tastes were the same, it’d be a mighty dull and dreary world. Just imagine the conversations:

“ I think ‘30 Days of Night’ was the best vampire story ever.”
“ Yes, I think that, too.”
“ Me, too.”
“ I fully concur.”
And on and on ad infinitum.

Is this the world you'd like to live in? ( If your answer to that is ‘yes’, I seriously suggest you seek therapy because having that insecure an ego just ain’t right ) Me, I’d much rather live in a world where there’s room for sparkly teenage emo vampires and the Alaskan throat-ripping grotesques. Because I believe in a world where choice and variety still should exist, even if vampires do not.

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" Ha! Admit it...you are all intimidated by my supreme sparkliness!"

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