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Monday, 7 May 2012

Now At KDP Select...and With FREE Days!

That's right. 'The Lives and Loves of The Modern Goddess' is now enrolled in the KDP Select program. Don't ask me what that is exactly - it's kind of a Kindle owners' electronic library thingie. I think. Anyway, FREE DOWNLOAD DAYS are scheduled for May 10th, June 6th/7th, and July 4th/30th 2012 ( please be aware of UK-US time differences ) so if you want to read my first ever published novella go here to Amazon UK and here to Amazon US.

Now, there are some authors who cleave to the opinion that we should never offer our wares for free ( much less that we should ever give away the free shit that I'll be doing ;-) ), arguing that people don't value what they get for free. But I reckon that's just another example of rampant writer snobbery. We all like to get something for nowt, don't we? Well, I do, and I've yet to meet anyone who'd turn up their nose at being handed a free bookmark in the library or a free cake in the supermarket ( especially the free cakes -you can bring those on, please! ) but that may be because the kind of folks I hang out with don't tend to be rampantly snobbish. Besides, free shit tends to be promotional shit, meaning that the name of the store/business/author will be emblazoned all over whatever bookmark or pen or quirky little sticky-on thing you are given. In other words, you're advertising us for free, in return for getting something to mark your page in your book or write your grocery list with, the idea being that our name should be kept in the forefront of your mind each time you do these things. Oh, and it's always nice, too, if your family, friends, workmates, passing strangers on the street, see our names emblazoned on those quirky sticky-on things!

So, if you aren't a rampant snob and you dig getting free shit, you can do two things, or one of the two, whichever one you choose...You can download 'The Lives and Loves of The Modern Goddess' for FREE on May 10th / June 6th/7th / July 4th/30th 2012 from KDP Select ( assuming you're a member of this, or whatever you have to be to take part, a barcoded and brainwashed Amazon devotee maybe? ) and / or you can drop me an email at this DevonWrites@gmail.com to claim your FREE bookmarks, fridge magnets, and postcards! You don't have to buy the book or download it to claim the freebies, by the way. I'm a generous lil' soul that way...No, actually I'm just learning to be a promotional whore like so many of my scribbling brothers and sisters!

Oh, and by the way, Blogger...thanks a bunch for changing the dashboard layout. As if Facebook and its fucking Timeline weren't enough for we technophobes to be coping with!
" AAARRGH! Ch-ch-changes!"

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