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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ever Feel That Somebody's Watching You?

Well, maybe they are and you aren’t as paranoid as people keep telling you!

It seems the FBI, the CIA, and Homeland Security might just be watching you, me, and all of us after all. Extensive lists of words placed on watch-lists and monitored on social networking sites have been published by bloggers. Go here to see the extensive list of words on the feds’ watch-list for terrorist activities. In all likelihood, most of us have at some point used one or more of these words in online sentences, in which case we could all be terrorism suspects in the eyes of the feds ( and you thought you were paranoid! ). It does occur to me - wouldn’t real terrorists take care to talk in coded language and not trigger these watch-words? All the same, you might want to think twice about updating your Facebook status about how much you enjoyed Grandma’s pork chops, and take care before you demand via text to your ex that you aren’t going to be the one to police your kids alone. I live in a place where “going down South” is used regularly to mean going to the mainland, so myself and my fellow islanders are probably already pinging the feds’ computers to the beat of the band!

I can easily picture hundreds of agents beavering away in little those cubicles with the upended card-table walls, in some dreary, stuffy basement office, logging thousands of hours monitoring the tens of millions of conversations conducted via social networks, text messages, and telephone calls that fly between inhabitants of the global village every day. An onerous task handed to junior agents, or maybe it has replaced the FBI’s “hardship posting” as a punishment for pissing off their superiors. Of course, in reality it’s more likely to be a giant super-computer collates all the info with just a handful of whey-faced mouth-breathing human tech geeks on hand to keep the wheels and gears oiled. But I prefer my version of reality ( I usually do ), and so if the FBI wants to send some agents to visit me regarding my Facebook activity, I can only hope they send some look like this…
In which case I'll be the one waving my arms in the air and yelling " I'm a terrorist! I'm a terrorist! Come get me! Please!" Otherwise, I hope they encounter the 12-ft seas and 90mph winds are regular features of travel to and from these islands.