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Friday, 10 February 2012

The Mores of Marketing And The Fed-Up Writer

 When write, you do it because you love it. Not because you want to be rich or even be a best-seller because those are the few. If you can even make a living off your writing without having to do something else, you’re lucky. Of course, there are those lucky enough to be able to insist it’s because they are so damned good that they can make a living from it, but we all know how the authorial ego likes to romanticize, don’t we?  Loving what you do also suggests that what you do is, or should be, fun. Writers should be having fun when they are writing. Sadly, with the pressures inherent in writing today, this can’t always be the case. Even those authors with mainstream or ‘Big 6’ publishers must do more self-promotion today than ever has been the case at any time before. You need to be not just a writer but also a techie, marketer, publicist, and social networking expert. Often, by the time you’re done with this aspect of it, the hard sell, you are too fucking exhausted and out of inspiration to write a single word of fiction.
 A little while ago writing stopped being fun for me. I just got so overwhelmed by the whole promotional expectations. Worse, I couldn’t figure what good was my promotion doing amidst the overwhelming noise and confusion of all the other writers, musicians, artists, bloggers, and just about everybody else with a product to sell, blaring daily from the Internet. Half of the time I wonder if anyone is listening to anyone else on Facebook or if we are all just mindlessly spraying electronic graffiti on each other’s Walls? I don’t even understand Twitter and Google+ is so far beyond what I’m willing to do I refuse to even go there. Then my website went from being right up there at the top when you Googled me, to not even appearing in Google searches at all, and I have no fucking idea why ( please do not comment to tell me why it’s disappeared unless you can do so without a single techie word being used, or I will delete your comment. I’m not a techie. If you can offer a very simple solution without techie-speak I may let the comment stand, however ). The demand to need-to-know about everything from e-book conversion to Amazon sales rankings gives me a headache and a serious inclination to raid the booze cabinet. I suddenly found all my desire to write down words of fiction waning. I came very close to hating it all and just wanting to go be a street sweeper for the local council instead.
 Then I decided to have a bit of fun with it all. Because, you know, I think that’s what is missing from today’s endless round of “ Like my page!” and “ Follow me back!” A little bit of good old-fashioned fun in marketing. So I did something I do know how to do, I created a YouTube channel, and I made a daft little PR video starring my dog. And lo, it did make me laugh, and it did also make some other peeps laugh. And that gladdened my near-jaded little heart once more.
 So, I’ve decided to fuck the self-seriousness and go with what I know best. Instead of demanding that you all “ Like my page!” I shall be asking you all “ Would you like some laughter with your promotion?” Because I know I do.
 And here it is…My Advert Starring THE DOG. Hope you like it.

And then go check out the website HERE:
The New Orleans Mysteries

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  1. Seems like you're a good candidate to go indie! :-)