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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fascinating Stuff In The Junk Box...

Ooh, an email from the FBI...seems the Bureau haven't enough work to do these days so they are sub-contracting themselves out to Nigerian banks to trace long-lost relatives who have inheritances awaiting. Just send all your private bank details to this nice bank managar ( yes, that is how it was spelled ) in Nigeria and he will promptly send you that $10 million dollars that Great-Uncle Fester left you, for some reason having chosen to leave it in the care of a bank several thousands of miles distant from the USA in which he was resident...except WAIT A MINUTE! I don't have a Great-Uncle Fester, and that isn't the real FBI logo...

How stupid do they think we are?

And oooh tripled, looky at this...another email, this one from Mr Charles ELVIS... he wants to notify me of a payment awaiting me on e-bay and I should just pop all my details over to him in -surprise! - Nigeria so that he can make sure I get this payment. It's odd because I don't have an e-bay account...? Never have had.

Mr Elvis, please leave the building.