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Saturday, 14 May 2011

It's Alright JJ's Comin' Back ... And Prentiss May Well Be, Too!

There is no doubt that Season 6 of CBS's hit show 'Criminal Minds' found itself jumping a whole school of sharks, and it has been an irony - apparently not missed by the network - that the only episodes pleasing to fans and critics alike has been those concerned with the exit arcs of the two inexplicably and unforgivably fired actresses, AJ Cook and Paget Brewster. The latter's final fling, 'Lauren', although seen by US audiences nearly two months ago, only aired last week on UK TV, an otherwise ungodly annoying situation good only for having taken the sting out of the blow. By the time we saw Emily's did-she-die-or-didn't-she-die? finale, we already knew that no, she didn't. We also know that AJ Cook is returning full-time for Seasons 7 & 8, and that Brewster's pilot show 'My Life As An Experiment' has not been picked up to go to series, thus increasing her chances of returning to her own rightful place in the BAU. Co-star Joe Mantegna said he is "optimistic" about Brewster's return in an interview with TVLine.com Well, can I get a "Hell yeah!" on that?
On the whole Paget Brewster got a more deserving send-off than did poor AJ Cook but there were things nonetheless bothered me about 'Lauren'. Not least that Ashley Seaver got to play such a large role. Considering her unpopularity with we fans, it felt a bit like rubbing salt into an already very raw and aching wound. Personally, despite trying to find some means of at least tolerating her, ever since this character joined the show I have only been able to find her the human equivalent of Jar Jar Binks. I have watched her alternately clumsy and insipid delivery of teeth-grindingly inappropriate utterings with something approaching manic irritation ( No, Ashley, there is no chance in hell that a 10 yr-old autistic child is your Unsub ... go back to the Academy RIGHT NOW for even thinking that! ) but having to endure her declaring in the middle of 'Lauren' that she thinks dating a few narcissists makes her an expert on those, well, it made me want to throw something at the TV. And I love my TV. A great deal.
Putting Ashley aside for the moment ( Please, CBS, put her aside someplace ... anywhere that isn't the BAU ), what's done is done with regard to Prentiss, but the good news is it ain't anything can't be undone. Hurrah! All we need now is for the network to hire some new dedicated-to-canon writers who will make it their mission to find a suitable cliff to push Ashley over, and then we can all get on with forgetting that this horrible season ever happened. Me, I'm more than ready to make like Bobby Ewing waking up from a bad dream in the shower.

Yes, we will.

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