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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Kitsch(en) Heaven

Ever since the lovely GeeGee Curtained posted a piece about Royal Wedding tat 'n' trinketry from Oddee on her blog Two Fat Cows And A Bottle Of Goose I have become quite fascinated by the idea of bespoke fridges. The company who makes these £2050 bad boys ( pictured above ), GEAppliances, claim they can put any photograph on your fridge, which is great since Wills 'n' Kate would not be my choice. I'm thinking more along the lines of JJ & Prentiss from Criminal Minds on mine. In full Kevlar. It'd be fangirl-in-kitsch(en)-heaven for me. Only thing is, I'd either put on a ton of weight or start seriously drinking again... any excuse to keep going back to the fridge! Now, I wonder how the bank manager would feel about giving me a loan of that two grand to buy my BAU's Best-bedecked bespoke fridge ...


Just one more thing about the Royal Wedding tat ... is it my mind that is simply going to awful places or does that cruet set look a bit, well, phallic? I couldn't imagine shaking anything outta those onto my food ... I have, however, purchased a nice Royal Wedding ashtray for my housemate. Watching her stub her cigarette butts on a couple of royals just kind of appeals to a childishly subersive, rebellious part of me.

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  1. NO Devon darling, it is definately not your imagination - that cruet set had me on the floor!! Wonder who ok'd that one... lol! ...and the placement of will's face on there....erm....