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Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Evolution of The Vampire

Image by FlamingText.com

Image by FlamingText.com

Vampires are sexy. Vampires are cool. This we know. Ever since that dullard Adam's independantly-minded first wife Lillith started giving upright ( and uptight ) folks the horrors and became the inspiration for the demonic succubi - usually female vampire creatures who visited their victims in the night and 'suffocated' them whilst bringing them erotic nightmares - the concept of the vampire has been evolving. From the evil, sexually-insatiable female demon it morphed into the suave and sexually irresistable Count Dracula, with his bad Bela Lugosi accent, his penchant for frightening the horses, and that faintly ridiculous cape. There it remained for many years until one day along came a schoolgirl named Buffy Summers who moved into a small Californian town that just happened to be located right over the local Hellmouth. Buffy embraced her destiny as the Slayer and the whole book of vampires got itself rewritten by the new King Of The Universe, a fanboy named Joss Whedon ... Where would vampires go from here? Straight to Bon Temps, Louisiana, would be the answer. Eric, Bill et al have once again taken the rule book, shredded it, and proceeded with writing a whole new one. Vampires now wear Armani suits and pumps to die for and they have nerdily cool names like Eric and Bill and Pam. It also must be credited that all of these mainstream novels and TV shows have featured gay/lesbian characters and those which haven't already, plan to. But none have revolved around gay/lesbian vampires.

Similarly, all this bloodsucking has given rise ( pun fully intended ) to a host of mainly web-based bodice-ripping, heavy-breathing erotic fiction that often features vampires. It seems readers can't get enough of the allure of the Undead. Sex and fangs sells. And it does so with a hearty gay/lesbian element. However - and whilst I would never in any way want to be thought as denigrating this writing because so much of it is really so very good - it has to be noted that, from the lesbian point of view, much of it is penned by hetero- or bisexual women and this means it tends to involve male-female sex somewhere along the way. This is something that can be a turn-off to lesbian readers, again understandably, and it is to this fact which I address myself when I ask:

" Where are all the lesbian vampires?"

My consternation is concentrated upon the fact that the 'purely' lesbian fiction market has been so backward at coming forward into this lucrative and popular genre. It is, after all, awash in both romance and detective thriller fiction, and it has proven that it can make an entire TV series out of the lives of a group of lesbians. So why not horror/vampires? Elsewhere in my web-wonderings I have posed the question of what it may be puts both lesbian readers and writers off tackling this particular genre, so I won't repeat that. Take a look in LesbianMySpace if you want to see one of the versions of this wondering. Otherwise, let us concentrate here upon my proposed antitode to the lack of lesbian vampires.

I have been writing for a long time, longer than I either care to recall or go into. During that time I've always had a penchant for vampires and werewolves and ghosties, oh my, both personally and from a writing point of view. My first published full-length novel is then, unsurprisingly, a genre fiction, 'The Lesbian Vampire Chronicles Book 1 : The Children of Judas'. Published in August 2010 by YourPOD UK it chronicles, through narrator Dante Sonnier, a Hollywood agent and thirty-something modern lesbian, her involvement with the LA-based vampire community and their struggle against the Children of Judas, an outcast vampire sect led by a charismatic and deadly vampire with the unlikely name of Robin. Robin is bent on toppling the vampire leadership and outing the entire race. She also has a few startling secrets to reveal to Dante ... Dante's life amongst the vampires is further complicated by her being torn between her growing love for gentle vampire Ellis Kovacs and her irresistable attraction to movie-starlet gorgeous but unscrupulous leader Voshki Kevorkian. Voshki has made it clear also that she wishes Dante to be her human and will attempt to seduce her away from Ellis at all costs! As the title suggests, this is the first in a planned series featuring these, and other, colorful characters and revolving around the human-vampire interaction. As the series progresses, so will the feud between the vampires heat up and even threaten Dante's own very humanity. Part-comedy, part-horror, part-love story, 'The Lesbian Vampire Chronicles' is written specifically for a lesbian audience. Of course, anyone else who would wish to read it is more than welcome to do so! I've never ascribed to the dogma that says straight people can't create or appreciate gay/lesbian characters any more than I have ascribed to the one says gay/lesbian people can't create or appreciate straight characters. For heaven's sake, we wouldn't have any TV worth watching if that were the case!

For now, let me just say that I reckon it is high time for the real lesbian vampires to come out of the coffin and stake their claim ( groan! ) to their place in the genre.

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